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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 16, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a live look right now at paris' iconic notre dame cathedral, officials assess the massive fire. now questions about what's next for the nearly 900-year-old building. good morning to you. it's tuesday, april 16ing. >> a reminder, you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweath- it's -- accuweather forecast. we have drizzle through 8:30 or 9:00. the bay bridge, it was pretty
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wet. i needed my windshield wipers. it's just a one light. 46 to about 51 degrees. we will be 55 to 60 at noon. you self need the sunglasses by then. we will be a little below average, mid-60s this afternoon, warmer weather is on the way. here's sue. >> all right. we'll take a look right now. we had reports of an accident to eastbound 880. we will keep following you. theridgs loongho good a. couple problem spots, sd go out of the central valley. we had this big rig on its side. you can now see slowing here, this is 880 near red top. they need an industrial tow truck to get that out of there. an earlier accident is slowing through alamo. developing news, inspectors
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in paris are inspecting the iconic notre dame cathedral, experts are working on the next stems regarding the structure's disabili stability. p the cathedral's organ among the most oldest famous and biggest is intact. the main tower and precious artifacts that were inside like the crown of thorns are also saved and officials also considering the fire at this point dionne an accident. >> it's remarkable. so many precious things were saved. all of this arson and possible terrorism have been ruled out this morning. >> which is certainly a sigh of relief for so many folks. >> here in the bay area, churches offering prayer service. >> amy holyfield is live for us in san francisco. amy. >> reporter: take a look at beautiful grace cathedral here on knob hill. it is so gorgeous here.
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and that bell tower. it was inspired by notre dame. it isn't the only cathedral. look at nearby st. domenic's. they are a reflex on of the great parisian cathedral. parishioners are calling this a huge loss. >> to visit us and play there and have my spirit lifted by the soaring arches and all its splend door. however, the catholic church is about res recing and rebuilding and something else will come out of tlochlt now, take a look at san francisco's city hall. it is lit up in the colors of the french flags. san francisco's mayor says we are standing in solidarity with
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our sister city. they plan to pray for notre dame during a tomorrow night holly week services. >> now, this fire is certainly making notice. collapsing the spire and the roof, officials say most of the structure, though, has been saved. here is a look at some of those other headlines. you can see the new york post with the headline paris in tears, the daily news not holding back saying hellfire. and the sun notre doom. we will have much more coming up at 5:30. a man in jail this morning after police say he tried to kidnap a boy in the middle of
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the day. it happened in san francisco's castro district again in the middle of the day. strangers heard the mother yelling for help friday on market and 17th streets. kornell bernard talked to one man who ended up holding the suspect until officers arrived. >> it's probably a combination of adrenaline and probably a little bit of fatherly instinct, too. >> adam walker says it happened so fast. he and his wife were walking with leo, son, when they passed a mother with her young son. >> shortly after we walked by her, we heard her screaming, yelling for police or help saying that someone had taken her child. >> reporter: police say 34 years roscoe julia grabbed the 2-year-old child and suddenly stopped. >> he put the toddler down and smiled at everybody and then started sprinting. >> without thinking much about it, i took off running after him. >> reporter: walker chased him
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for several blocks. >> once he found himself cornered, he gave up. put his hands in the air. tant i grabbed him, walked him over to the sidewalk. >> reporter: neighbors called 911. julio from australia was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. >> every parent's nightmare. horrible. >> neighbors reacted to the scary news. sabrina is proud of her brave oo husba husband. >> i am so happy no one was hurt and that person was caught. >> reporter: as a parent, adam says he didn't think twice of chasing down the suspect. >> in that situation you don't think so much about it. you act with your heart. >> reporter: they moved here from anchorage, alaska. the subject is now in jail. >> so glad that man was there at the right time.
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>> governor gavin newsome will meet in afternoon for a round stable discussion. his bucket proposal includes spending $625 million on homeless programs. >> after a heated debate for plans for a new navigation system, city officials are offering a compromise. it has two big changes for the embarcadero, first, it would open with 130 beds and eventually get to 200 beds over a six-month span. the original one called for 200 bed off the bat. secondly the city would find a two-year lease with an option to renew if the center is working well. the original plan called for a four-year deal. many neighbors don't want a navigation center in their neighborhood. the city's port commission is scheduled to vote on the plan next week. sfmta is preparing for heavy
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traffic in the neighborhood when the case center opens this fall. today the agency will present its practice game or game daysened extra events. >> there will also be extra services between the chase center and nearby bart stations and next month, the usf mission rail stop on 16th street will get a platform upgrade and be renamed the case center platform. there are racks for bikes and scooters and a bike valet option. they will expand parking near the center and oracle park. all right, here's a look another live doppler 7. still a few left over light showers and drizzle for our morning commute. so expect some damp spots as you drive around. temperatures very mild, though, up and down the east bay shore line how about other neighborhoods. we have santa rosa at 48 along with albany, some of our cooler
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areas. here's a look at sfo, rainfall overnight, 100th of an inch. activity planner, automatic caution is for the morning hours. >> that will all come green. the rain will be gone. humidity will be gone. temperatures fet to comfortable levels. here's a look at the peninsula, near noon, hang out in the low- to mid-60s. down to 58 with our brightest conditions as the sun is setting at 7:00. it's the least likely time for clouds when we're in the mid-60s after being in the upper 60s. in the south bay. we had the most rain. we will hit the low- to mid-60s from 1:00 to 7:00. we will make a wild swing. first one to get sue in here
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take a look at that commute. >> we got a couple spots. happy tuesday. we will check your altamonte commute. we had eastbound road work over the altamonte, a little blip. the green means standing waters. heads up. give yourself plenty of time. westbound 80. slow and go of a flipped league. and san lean degree blocking a couple of lanes. this is approaching pleasanton. a couple of lanes blocked in the southbound direction. here you are stacked up almost to 580. the warriors are headed to game three in los angeles.
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golden state blue a 31-point lead. the final score 135 to 131. head coach steve kerr says demarcus cousins has a quote significant quad injury. he was going after a loose ball. he got hurt in the first quarter. game three will be at staples center thursday night. game four is sunday afternoon at 12:30. you can watch it right here on abc 7. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. also youtube
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. 5:14. if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. it's the notre dame cathedral and inspections yesterday, officials consider it an accident, arson and possible terrorism have been ruled out. let's talk weather. it's a little damp, look at this from 60s to 80s by thursday. even some more for the weekend coming up. i'll show that you, too. . >> number three the oakland family that lost a mother and pport.uri o they more thania-vasqu oaklandc
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eyilave help ts weekend to prevent scenes like this one, a new study finds more drivers are distracted by their cell phones while behind the wheel. it's especially a problem in san jose, where drivers were found to be using their phones more than 8% of their driving times. behind the wheel this morning, you got damp roads out there, slick roads, an update. that altamonte pass slow and go with weather there. it looks like they're still waiting for a big rig tow truck near redtop. >> that accident near brew nel and pleasanton has been cleared. a stunning it was the biggest comeback in nba history.coin h torn a leabo
5:16 am
e bk surgery that helped tiger woods regain his glory. >> this morning's gma look. the stunning come back. the return to glory. a life changing type of back surgery that took tiger woods from this. >> i couldn't sit, i wouldn't lay down or do much of anything. >> to this. >> moments don't come better than this. it was credited with once again making tiger roar. >> one of the main advantages is that you could avoid damaging any of the muscles in the poster your parts of your lumbar spine something important for somebody like a golfer. >> reporter: if you have a bad back, can this work with you?
5:17 am
>>e have your gma first look. new york. >> the surgery can work for a lot of folks. they're not going to make them play golf like tiger woods. >> i don't think so. he is one of a kind a wisconsin family named their new puppy after a player onhe brewers.>> he surprised two you by delivering the puppy in person? their parents promised them if i hit my first home run of the year, they get a puppy. we have to take them up on their valg. >> the team let them come back for batting practice. that's when they brought the puppy out to them. it will be named yelly. he is being trained as a diabetes alert dog. isn't that the sweetest story?
5:18 am
>> look at her face. the tears in her eyesp. >> the poster. hit a home run and my dad buys me a puppy. >> those things are legends. that's fantastic. it would be neat to be able to give like that. i'm going to hit a home run for you. i do it all the time no all right. try to bring some sunshine. let's look at san jose. you see drops on our lens. this is where the rain moves through. today is our day we transition from wet to dry. waves of warmth through the extended forecast. you see the best here's the area of high pressure
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that knows its way into our business for today, here's a look at future radar at 7:00. you can see a little drizzle. we'll keep that through grab the sun glasses, heads will play peek a boo. overnight you can see the clearing. low- to mid-60s from the coast into most of the bay. here's that cooler weather i talked about. temperatures into the mid- to upper-forecast. most of us in the coast. 70s and 80s black, milder, more comfortable for saturday. ta oy hunting.
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50annd60 sue. >> we have slow and go over the altamonte pass. about a 50 mile drive, better news for pleasanton. >> that accident is cleared. there is your drive time, 580 tracy to dublin, highway 4 is look good into concord, westbound, traveling from san rafael into the city, less than 20 minutes on the 101. >> all right. sue. thank you very much. in the south bay, someone is angry about san jose sanctuary city policy. d at the h larson, it t says mary car car d car d car o
5:21 am
blood on her hands. take a look at this. new video of an early morning fire in oakland. it all broke ut early yesterday. crews say flames were pouring through a wind when they arrived. n one was hurt. the collapse of the notre dame paris fire left many in disbelief. the san bruno based company the apologizing for mistakenly linking the fire to the september 11th terrorist attacks. they say a new tool made quote the wrong call. it displayed text of notre dame burning including when the spire fell. youtube introduced the fact checking feature last year to stem the spread of conspiracy theorie
5:22 am
theories. >> according to insider, amazon is testing the idea. the text will provide an estimated time frame rather than an exact time. amazon says its real time map tracking service is still the most accurate way to track your packages. still ahead, the amazing story of survival. we will tell you the missterrious place. >> is clean shaven actually cleaner? what a new study reveals about men with beards.
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or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some things. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "jection™". . unfortunately the rain just wasn't enough to fet rid of all this tree pollen. we're going to have high amounts today through at least friday and some of the other pollens are starting to creep up like grass and weeds. one of the places you can go tonight, the coliseum, the hottest too emin town, the astros are in to take on the as, game time 7:07. developing down to a cool 55 degrees, you don't have to worry about getting wet. now to a mysterious story of survival. workers on an oil rig more than 100 miles from the coast of thailand spotted a dog in the
5:26 am
water. the pup was just clinging to a pole. so they used a rope to pull him up to a platform. one of the workers now plans to adopt her. oh, looks sad, but now happy. >> yes. now to a health check this morning. a new study finds men with beards carry more germs than dogs. >> the makes me criminal him. researchers in switzerland tested the fur from men and dogs and found a significantly higher back terrial load in the men's beards compared with the dog's fur. some of the men tested positive for microbes that posed a threat to human health. experts say men should shampoo their beards regularly. >> the thought of microbes anywhere growing on someone's face is kind of scary. >> i can't. c'mon, folks, really.
5:27 am
>> maybe it's time to move on. >> we are coming back with more scooters on the streets of san francisco. and a live look here in paris, the city vowing to rebuild. we are live with the latest images of the damage. also. >> i'm in san jose, reporting on the roadway,
5:28 am
5:29 am
zblempblts. now at 5:30, paris already making plans to repair the notre dame cathedral, you see a lot of people still watching that building. the staggering damage and one of the first major donations to flights cancelled in
5:30 am
connection with the 737 max 8 jets grounding. what summer travelers need to know. also, distracted driving, the bay city where drivers are on the phone about 8% of the time. >> good morning. i'm so tracked by that beard story. >> wow, mike. >> i try to every morning. i think he's mad because i'm crashing the ladies party. >> no, as long as you shave, it's fine. >> bring the microbes here. >> we'll make sure he watches it with soap and shampoo. we got a little drizzly and rain from the sand, into the high country into the east. you can see a little wetness, about .04.
5:31 am
i'll keep the scale on the forecast through the morning commute for random showers and drizzle. it will be cooler than average with 50s and 60s. we'll talk about the heat coming up next. >> filling in quite quickly. take a look outside, we have an earlier big rig on its side, traffic is moving by, it's not blocking the lane. we saw some earlier slowing. still with activity near marina. that's cleared out of lanes, traffic is getting by just fine. >> that earlier accident cleared, slow from 580 towards brunell, where that is cleared out of lanes. guys. >> thank you, soon. developing this morning, firefighters declaring success after a 12-hour battle to
5:32 am
extension wish the fire at the same notre dame cathedral in alg resident of france was emotional asking the u.s. for help. >> good morning, serena. >> reporter: good morning. the cause of the fire is still unknown. a team of more than 50 in the coming days they suspect it could be related to an search at the california the ladies of paris mourns the notre dame cathedral. the symbol of the city collapsing after a massive fire tore through the cathedral yesterdy. the blaze beginning in the early
5:33 am
evening hours monday. crowds watched in horror as the spire falling in on itself collapsing the roof of the 12th century building. >> my partner and i were standing on the balcony, that was the moment when we watched that spire fall down. it's like an iconic part of the paris skyline. >> it's a building that survived. the french revolution, the siege of paris, two world wars and nazi autopsy. billowing in flames, seen across the french capital. >> it's hard to watch. the ladders were not tall enough. the hoses were not strong enough. >> eight hours later, the building charred, the spire gorng an emotional macron vowing to rebuild. through the loss, the main structure, bell towers, that said and precious artifacts, like the crown of thorns saved. and the cross, still standing over the alter where thousands would have flocked to this either sunday covered in ash, a promise of rebirth.
5:34 am
world leaders are expressing their condolences to the people of france. emanuel macron says they will take on an international effort to rebuild the structure. already hundreds of millions of dollars have poured in, in support. live in washington, serena marshall. abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 was at sfo. many people we spoke with say they learned of the fire the moment the plane landed >> someone in front of us, says notre dame is in fire. once you live there, it's a part of the city. you don't even notice, now you know it's like gone. >> such a tragedy. i have very will ill to restore it. >> you can share your thoughts and send your love to paris by accepting this badge on social media. it's available on twitter and
5:35 am
facebook pages. if you are seeing more people around in san jose, your eyes are not following you. >> abc 7 joins us live on the road this morning and jobina, this is pretty frightening. >> reporter: good morning, dionne, jessica, some very alarming numbers here, this study has found that drivers in san jose spend more time distracted on their cell phones while driving on the roadways here than in san francisco and oakland combined and we've all seen it before. researchers found motorists in san jose were using their phones about 8.2% of their driving time in 2019 up from 7% last year. the study was conducted by san francisco based road safety data analytics firm then drive. they found that distracted driving increased in every state, but california drivers in general spent the 14th lowest amount of time on their phones,
5:36 am
that primarily lends to our tougher distracted driving laws. there is very serious here. according to cdc, each day in the united states about nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are hurt in crashes that are reported to involve distracted driving. so the point here is, everybody, get off your phones, keep your eyes on the road. for now we are reporting live in san jose, jobina fordson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, many thanks,. in the east bay an outpouring of support. a go fund me campaign has raised more than $33,000 for the garcia vasquez family. they were walking home from the laundromat when they were hit at 26th avenue and foothill boulevard. 16-year-old angel vasquez and his mother died. angel is being remembered as a happy child. >> sweetest, brightest.
5:37 am
most inquisitive. >> take a look, police are looking for this man. they believe he was driving the car that hit the family. >> a high school team asking for donations after thieves toll from their field the coach of the jc baseball team says thieves stole a newly installed sound system from c.c. sabathia field. this was the first sound system installed at the field since it was built. we have a link to the go fund me page on happening today in the north bay, a vote will decide what will change the name of the school district? they will hold today's vote. it was founded in 1864 in san rafael. some say the name is racist because of its ties to the civil war era south and slavery.
5:38 am
those against the name change say it comes from mary dixie. trustees are setting a time line for choosing a new name. again both sides represented there. we'll keep you updated on that story. >> thank you, jessica. more than 7 minutes away, let's jump in. plenty of grey hanging around, a light shower through the rest of the morning commute. 48 right now low- to mid-50. 48 in santa rosa. nebraska, 49 in pacifica, a little milder this morning. you can see some residual moisture as we look off west towards the peninsula. all the caution is all just for
5:39 am
the morning commute. all right. let's break down some neighborhoods, 47 and mostly cloudy at 7:00. 58 at 11:00. you see mid- to upper-60. the thing you will notice the most. most of us see the great amount of sunshine, 7:00 this evening it's 60 and sunny. until then, we have a mixture of sun and clouds, low- to mid-50 for the afternoon hours. let's look at san francisco. brightest is at about 7:00. 1:00 also we transition from the mid-50s to near 60 during the afternoon hours. what would you say if you said there were 80s in the forecast? >> i'd be happy. i will come back and tell you all about that i ran into some rain this morning. definitely slick streets. how about you? >> it had rained overnight. >> it's wet in the north bay. you can definitely tell it was
5:40 am
be cef outn acycle down. this is the second accident fear danville and alamo. this one involving several cars. they're dangerous and a hairy westbound 24, near wilder, that one is blocking the left lane of traffic. right now 32 bart trains on tim time. >> to the skies now. new trouble for boeing. all 737 max jets are grounded. united says it will can sell flights until at least early
5:41 am
july. the cancellations run until august. the airlines are moving quickly. some travelers will have to go through a connecting flight because of those the clippers stunned the warriors after coming back 31 points overcoming the lead is the biggest comeback. on top of the loss, the warriors are concerned demarcus cousins suffered a torn quad. he was injured in the first quarter and will undergo an mri today. the head coach says they lost their defensive edge in the second half. >> when i say we stopped playing, we stopped playing, like defense, offense, execution wise. we were not as engaged as we needed to be and we got exactly
5:42 am
what we deserved. >> he's reserved there, can you imagine after losing that 31-point lead blowing it. the series is tied one game apiece. game three is set for thursday at staples center. game four sunday right here. >> coming up, he just announced a run for president and something else pretty personal. what pete buttigieg released about his family.
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. for those that do have school this week, let's take care of them. watch out for mist and drizzle and the random shower. this morning, dress for temperatures near 50. then we'll have clouds and sunshine. upper 50s with have know until 11:00 this morning. snow showers, another inch or two is possible. you can see that play out through yosemite, rain through fresno, the grape59, you get into so cal, you are in the mid-60s in los angeles. let's take a look at the week ahead in tahoe, a sleepy morning. look at the 60s by thursday and
5:46 am
friday. >> nikkemike, thank you. measles are surging. doctors reported 90 new caseswek doctors warn the disease is not slowing down. 20 states report cases including here in california. new this morning,esidential hop buttigieg says he and his husband are planning to have a child they revealed when someone asked about paid family leave. buttigieg is hoping to have a little one soon. the mayor officially launched his campaign last weekend. >> sfmta will reduce the number of scooters, only if more people sign up for programs, scoot and skip offer discounted payment
5:47 am
programs for lowing in customers, few people have signed up for them. the examiner reports only 68 with scoop and 78 with skip. tens of thousands use scooters in the city, a survey found a majority of them are wealthy white men. at&t sold its service at $15 billion. disney now owns 66% of huh will you, comcast 33% they could be more throughout the year. no need to stock up on reese's peanut butter eggs, they will be flash freezing it summe. reese's says it will announce
5:48 am
how fans can win the eggs. winners will get 36 eggs and they won't be sold again until halloween you can keep them all in my opinion. >> i don't want them flash frozen or anywhere near me >> i know that's a strong opinion. >> i don't like this one. he's looking in shock and awe. i like dock lat, peanut butter, just not together. >> that's clear. come monday. i'm getting yours. i like mine in the freezer. >> too hard that way. >> we like them.
5:49 am
just differently. >> 680 could be damp. there could be a drizzle. once we get past the rain, above average warmth. i think it will be comfortable. the next couple, wild swing in temperature. here's the last remnants of the wet weather, you can see it moving off to the east. the radar is actually shrinking. >> that means the rain is kind of tapering, losing its stream. at 7:00, we got the grey, the rain and the white, the snow look over top of us. you will feed the sunglasses, if you are headed out, maybe a light jacket. you see a
5:50 am
look at these temperatures. half moon bay and san francisco. you get to fremont or the north bay valleys. you start to hilt the upper 60s. moving forward. the reason why we will not have as cool a night, 70s on thursday a little an shore breeze that brings us comfortable sue. ratsunday e'rea ok at a sad situation. this is in danville, alamo area. 680. this is right before stone valley road. chp has issued a signature alert. danville boulevard might be a good alternate for you at this
5:51 am
hour. you cannot get southbound before stone valley due to this accident. 24 not much better. we're not seeing any slow downs. we have reports of an accident to the south bay, eastbound dunbarton bridge. no signature alert here, near thornton. you can not get eastbound past this accident at all at this hour. so you may want to consider the san mateo bridge or 237. updates in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. san francisco based lyft is testing something new at the san diego airport. the goal is to make it easier for riders to find their drivers. riders get a code and then they wait in line and give their code to the driver.
5:52 am
they will sync everything up. no word on the or when this will roll out to other airpor >> the image that has forced a response from the city. but first, top ten, we'll show but first, top ten, we'll show you the we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at wihefty! hefty! hefty!n. hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head.
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i've seen nebraska, i didn't see them. anyway, the tree pollen the next couple of days will be high. if you are still battling. i'm so sorry.
5:55 am
i have good news, it's free parking tuesday. the astros take on the as, under a partly cloudy sky. 60. grab a coat. 55 at the end of the game. >> we have a big rig blocking highway 84. i need to take the san mateo bridge. so, otherwise, we're taking a look at some really slow and go traffic for your commute this morning out of the central valley up and over the westbound 580. we have better news in pleasanttop. >> america and the judges voted. >> here's a look another the team, four contestants got cut from the show last night.
5:56 am
based on sunday's live show. next sunday's live show will determine the top eight. contess stapt ashleys s nhrough to the top ten. >> you need to do more, america did not put you in, we will get out there and do that song right now. >> hey, their still hope. seven contess tants, including hess got to sing one last time hoping for a vote from the judges ♪ you can feel it ♪ you can feel it ♪ all over, people >> in the end, the judges picked three others to complete the top 10. after the show, hess posted on instagram thanking her fans for quote believing in me, supporting me, encouraging me, voting for me. she adds i can't wait for the next step in her journey. herlle s bright.
5:57 am
>> she has an amazing joyce. she was grateful for the experience. i think she has a long way to go as far as her career is very long, it will be great. >> next at 6:00. we are live in paris as the fire crews begin to asays the damage. >> what's in if you sure? >> the bell tower here was inspired by notre dame, what this cathedral is planning to do to pray for its sister
5:58 am
5:59 am
. right now at 6:00, notre dame up in flames. new video giving us a first look inside the iconic church charred with rubble piling up on the
6:00 am
floors. crowds in paris gathered to sing hymns as the building burned. a live look at notre dame this morning. officials announcing the fire is officially out. you see some firefighters there right now taking a break after a long night. good morning, it's tuesday, april 16th. >> also ahead, san francisco makes a big change to a navigation center. first, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. big changes, though, about to take place. give us good news, mike. >> you can see the changes right there. hi, everybody. some of the clouds are breaking up. its tapering in and intensity. however, there is resid


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